A win-win – Series

Part 1

“Yeah, that feels amazing!” I told Tiffany as she was giving me a tit job and about to move on to a blow job. My friend Tiffany was Shifted into Stephanie Washington’s body about a week ago. Stephanie was the head cheerleader at our high school. Popular and won’t even come close to someone like me. I was a nerd. I had a hopeless crush on Stephanie. AND my friend Tiffany had a crush on me. The thing was I saw her more as a sister. We had known each other since elementary school. Then the Great Shift hit and everything changed. I remained unshifted (one of the lucky ones), while Stephanie was shifted into our English teacher and Tiffany became Stephanie. Tiffany knew how much I liked Stephanie and seeing Stephanie Washington talk about comic books, video games, and anime just turned me on. I asked Tiffany over one night after my parents went on their date night. It didn’t take long for either us to have nothing on. “Tiffany, don’t stop!” Yep, this is definitely a win-win.

Part 2

A week ago I was the most popular girl in school. The head cheerleader who got anything she wanted and anyone she wanted. But when the Great Shift happened, I found myself in the body of Candice Poole, one of our English teachers. In the panic, everyone went home and tried to figure out what happened. At first, I hated being in Ms. Poole’s body. But I’ve come around to it. She’s got big, nice tits. I had big tits too, but her’s are so firm and she has these awesome nipple piercings. SO KINKY. All and all, Ms. Poole has a tight bod, or should I say I have a tight bod. Her orgasms are amazing! Alot better than mine ever were. I can’t wait to go out to the club and pick up some hot dude in this bod.

Part 3

The Great Shift really did a number on our high school. A week ago, I was this loner band geek and now I’m Tiffany Wilson. I heard she got shifted into Stephanie Washington’s body. I have zero complaints though. I always thought Tiffany was hot. And now here I am in my living room, for the third day in a row, feeling myself up, turning myself on and getting ready to give myself the best orgasms I’ve ever had. I love the Great Shift.

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