Great Shift

The great shift has swept the world. It is known as a phenomenon that has a random chance to swap people’s bodies around and unfortunately you were one of the many people affected. Find out what body you get below!

You can now create your own caption using the form below, document your experience of the great shift and how you would react to your new body. To create your own Great Shift experience get writing down below but make sure to include an image file, category and post title otherwise your post will get removed. Have fun!


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  1. wow this i new and i like it alot.

    I got body 61

    My new body is much older then my old body in fact i think i’m as old as my owner mother now but the person who’s body this was kept it in amazing shape and you wouldn’t be able to tell my new body is in it 40s. I didn’t care about the lost years or where i was or who i was i just wanted to rip off my clothes and get a good look at my new body and it’s safe to say i’m not disappointing

    1. Thanks, I wanna find a way to add little descriptions for each image soon to full immerse everyone. there is 550 images to get right now and more will be added eventually. Glad you like it

      1. Thanks! Wanted it to be the best for you straight away, it’s been hidden away for a while while I got it useable XD

    1. Thanks, it took a bit of time and was a big update but I hope everyone enjoys it and utilises it now. Already made a test post myself 🙂

  2. I kinda wish it was more than just porn photos tbh I don’t like seeing cum or dicks in the pictures.

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