Bro/Sis – Series

Part 1

I’ve known my best friend Daniel and his family since elementary school. In that time, I’ve developed a major crush on his sister Amanda. She’s a little bit older than us, with her being 18 and almost graduating high school and us only just becoming freshmen. Daniel and I were over at my house, playing Halo when everything started to spin around me and I blacked out. When I came to, I was in a familiar bedroom. I was in Amanda’s room. How did I get here? Daniel lives a couple blocks away. As I got off the bed, I saw Amanda and I told her I was sorry for being in her room. Wait, she is saying everything I’m saying. I looked down. I say a very feminine body staring back at me. I then turned my attention back to the mirror and then looked back at the bed. A wicked smile crossed my face. A removed Amanda’s shirt and pants and then her bra. I was looking at her perky firm tits and then I made my way to her pink panties exposing a little bush. Everything I did she mimicked in the mirror and I get wait to play with her tight pussy. Then her phone rang. It was Daniel. I sent him to voice mail, whatever it was it could wait.

Part 2

Its been six months since the Great Shift and I was put into my best friend Daniel’s sister’s body and I’ve loved every minute of it! Daniel is the only one in his family to remain unshifted. His mom was shifted into her 67 year old male boss, his dad shifted into a 7 year old girl and Amanda shifted into her boyfriend. Before the shift, Amanda and me never really talked, maybe it was because of my crippling crush on her, but now we talk all the time… and fuck. She came to me about a month ago and suggested it to me, saying she knew that I always had a crush on her and this would be perfect, because she knew how to please her body and I would learn some valuable stuff along the way. I was game and it was the best decision I ever made. Now we just got to keep it a secret from Daniel.