Great Shift Roulette (Asian Edition)

Welcome to my great shift roulette (Asian Edition). Have a go at this fun bodyswap game I put together. So go ahead and get stuck in below, use (1-50) to find out which body you swap into!

The great shift has swept the world. It is known as a phenomenon that has a random chance to swap people’s bodies around and unfortunately you were one of the many people affected. Alot of people ended up in different countries speaking totally different languages to their native one and you happened to swap into a body living in Asia. Find out who you swap into and what would you do first?

Body 1          Body 11          Body 21          Body 31          Body 41
Body 2          Body 12          Body 22          Body 32          Body 42
Body 3          Body 13          Body 23          Body 33          Body 43
Body 4          Body 14          Body 24          Body 34          Body 44
Body 5          Body 15          Body 25          Body 35          Body 45
Body 6          Body 16          Body 26          Body 36          Body 46
Body 7          Body 17          Body 27          Body 37          Body 47
Body 8          Body 18          Body 28          Body 38          Body 48
Body 9          Body 19          Body 29          Body 39          Body 49
Body 10        Body 20          Body 30          Body 40          Body 50

One comment

  1. i got body 32 an it happens to be a body i recognise as my school headmistress Miss Hau, she move to my country from Vietnam a few years ago and has only been are headmistress for a year now. When i woke up in her body she was already naked and looked like she was getting ready to get dressed for work as there was clothes laid out on the bed ready. i always thought Hau was kind of hot so i wasted no time checking out my new older female body in her full length mirror which soon led to full on masturbation and my first of many female orgasms.

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