Great Shift Roulette (Christmas Edition)

Welcome to my great shift roulette (Christmas Edition). You get to have a go at this fun seasonal game I put together. So go ahead and get stuck in below, use (1-25) to find out which body you swap into!

You send your christmas letter off to santa before heading to bed, laying your head down on the pillow you hope you wish would come true this holiday season. Little did you know, your wish would come true. Who’s present do you become and what do you do first?

Body 1          Body 11          Body 21
Body 2          Body 12          Body 22
Body 3          Body 13          Body 23
Body 4          Body 14          Body 24
Body 5          Body 15          Body 25
Body 6          Body 16                        
Body 7          Body 17                        
Body 8          Body 18                        
Body 9          Body 19                        
Body 10        Body 20                        

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