Will you marry me?


Jess brushed her new auburn hair behind her ears as she began to blush. Her pale skin became rosy on her soft cheeks and a little smile began to form on her face.

Jess was jealous of how hot her brother’s girlfriend, Katy, was so she devised a plan to swap into her brother’s body so she could finally kiss her like she always wanted to. But, when she used the bodyswap spell, she found herself in Katy’s body whilst they were out at a fancy bar.

Jess was confused but kept looking at her new body every chance she got, that is until she looked over at her brother who was getting down on one knee and asking her to marry her. She blushed and just blurted out the first thing she could. “Yes!” she exclaimed. Jess was confused and it was all too overwhelming, but her new body did feel amazing so why not stay in it a little longer.

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