One agreement


”OMG!!! Mr Jensen, you said you’d tell me when you were close, not just unload all over my face” Jack in the body of his professor yelled.

”Hey, I don’t think you have any moral standing here since you stole your teachers body. Anyway, we made a deal and it doesn’t matter how it finishes you just have to suck me off every day from now on if you want to keep that body.” He argued back.

Jack always thought Ms Bodega was one of the hottest lecturers in his college so he had a plan to find out if her body was as hot as it looked. Using a body swap spell he found online, he swapped their bodies mid-class and pretended to have an emergency in the staff room so he could be all alone in her body. Unlucky for him, Mr Jensen found him touching himself up in the closet forcing Jack to tell him what he had done. One little agreement later and both of them were happy, except for Ms Bodega of course she was left confused in a students body not knowing what Jack was getting up to.


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