How do I look?


Jess turned around to face her friend, Michelle, in her new body. The pair had planned to visit exchange island for a holiday so they could experience life from the male perspective for once but sadly when they got there Michelle had been swapped into a rather large and unfit man and Jess, well she was still a girl but now a 18 year old blonde teen. Things weren’t looking good for their first holiday to exchange island but Michelle tried to keep things positive by telling her how cute she was and how she would love to have a body like that.

”How do I look?” Jess asked Jess who stood ready to leave for the pool. “Really hot, the bikini makes your boobs look huge!” She exclaimed not being able to take her eyes of them. Hopefully within a few days, Michelle might even work Jess up into sharing the same bed. Then from there on, anything could happen.


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