HOCO gal


Sergio was just a guy with a dream, to be something that was still impossible. A full on HOT Girl. One day he sat alone wondering what it would be like to be beautiful and then it happened. The Great Shift happened and everything changed. Sergio woke up in his room, except that it was different. He got up and noticed that he stood shorter going from 6 ft to 5’3 and he felt a jiggle in his chest and lack of morning wood. He looked down and saw a beautiful pair of 32B breasts. His wish had come true. He played with his new boobs and felt her new sensitive pussy. He checked his closet and drawers and saw it was all panties, bras, dresses, heels, and makeup. His mom came into his room and she looked exactly the same as when Sergio was still a guy. “Jazmine you’ve got to get ready for HOCO.” Mom said. Then it hit him. Sergio’s reality changed, it was as if he had been a HOT and BEAUTIFUL girl all along. Now here she is getting ready for her HOCO dance and hoping to get dicked down by his date tonight.

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