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“Just because you aren’t your mother; doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun.” Anna said as she grabbed Jessie’s ass and squeezed it.

Jessie didn’t know what to do as Anna played around with his body. He didn’t want to violate his mothers privacy anymore than he already had, but the wine mixed in with Anna’s groping made him feel aroused. “Samantha was always one for a bit of foreplay and I can tell you like it as well.” Anna giggled as Jessie just let her continue squeezing, “I, I do like…it. Do…do you want to go upstairs? We’ll have more priva..” Before he could say anything, she took him by the hand and planted a kiss on his lips.

What followed was a drunken haze, but all Jessie felt was regret after promising his mother that he wouldn’t do something like this. The empty bottles of wine and wine glasses just made him feel even more worried. Anna on the other hand seemed fine and kept giving him looks of lust after their night of fun.

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