”The website is gone!” I cried out as I tried looking for the online store that sent me the vial, but failed to find any traces of it.

What was important wasn’t the vial though, it was what was inside of the vial. I wanted a 2nd chance at doing things and the potion that was in the vial would give me just that. Of course, me being me: I didn’t exactly read the fine print or even bother to understand the greater implications of changing reality like this. I wasn’t happy being a single mom at all, but that wasn’t the worst of it. My teenage daughter, Anna; treated me like a doormat and the fights we had went on for hours it seemed.

I finally broke down and began searching for the website to try and reverse this, but all I got were dead ends. I wanted to break something, but instead I cried heavily and kept crying until she came into the room to make fun of me. “You’re such a cry baby, mom. No wonder dad left you.” Was all she had to say to snap me out of my crying and into a full blown rage, “Listen here, you little shit! You are lucky to be with me instead of him. You think he cares about you? And since you want to give me guff, you can stay in the house tonight. No going out.” I said with a gleam of confidence as she stared angrily at me.

It was the first time I’d felt like I had actual control in this new life of mine, but I wouldn’t let it subside. I wasn’t going to let a girl younger than me take control of my life.

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