Always the best


When I started working at this bar all the crey bullied me for being the “young genius”

As the barman I knew the exact amount of each drink, as a waiter, I attend all the orders in the least possible time, on the kitchen I prepared all the meals with perfection. And despite all of that I couldn’t get along my teammates.

Then this Great Shift happened and I ended up in this woman body. I didn’t know what to do, but then my boss called me and said that it didn’t matter how I look now, there was a contract and he had to respect it.

So I returned to work and did more effort that I did before just to prove that this new shape doesn’t affect me.

But guess what, now my teammates hate me more than before.

Maybe because all the customers want me to be their waitress, and some of them want me to prepare their drinks or plates, or maybe because my boss now pays me an “extra tip” for continue working with him.

Anyway, I was, am and always will be the best at my job.

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