A weird reconciliation


Starting living an independent life from my father was the most difficult decision in my life.

Despite getting away from him was the best option for all he did to me, there was something that made me miss him.

That was a year ago, but that feeling came every day, and then, this “Great Shift” thing happened and I ended up lying in a strange bed in a strange house, with this strange woman doing …that.

She closed her eyes and then, really scared walked away a little. It was there when I realized what happened: every human swapped bodys randomly. Poor new soul getting this first impression about its new self.

I explained this hypothesis to “her” and then I asked for her real name.

-David Smith. -She answered. -I was sitting on my couch when his happened.

I couldn’t believed it, it was my father’s name, but it was impossible, then she continued.

– This couple seemed to enjoying their time together- she said- when my wife died I took all the family money and went with another woman, she hated my son and treated him very bad, then he left me, maybe this is karma.


At this time I knew it was him, I was shocked trying to think when he interrupted me again

-Hey, this will sound weird, but when I freaked out a moment ago, some part of me really liked what I was doing. If you agree, can I try it again?


I was so shocked that I could answer when she started sucking this new cock of mine, and it felt so amazing.

She was like a pro doing it, but then stopped and said “you didn’t tell me your name”. I just took her neck and made her continue licking me. She didn’t mind and did it with more enthusiasm.

This was a weird kind of reconciliation between us, but it is really necessary to tell her who I really am?










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