Vice Principal


Ms.Kline was our vice principal and everybody wanted to go to her office. She was a 10 for sure. When the Shift happened, I was in Math class taking a test and then black. I woke up and it was mass hysteria. I looked around, and I was in an office. I was in Ms.Kline’s office. How did I get in here? I then saw the mirror in front of me. I jumped for a second, but then realized Ms.Kline did the same thing. Was I Ms.Kline?! I looked down and saw two massive breast inside a blouse. This is crazy, I thought. I then looked back at my reflection and smirked. When in Rome. I stripped Ms. Kline’s blouse off and OMG!!! Her tits! I was living out every single guys fantasy in this school. I then started to pull of her bra. I don’t know what was happening outside and at this moment I really don’t care.


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