My life after the Great Shift has been interesting to say the least and everyday it only gets crazier. When the Shift happened, my girlfriend Gwen, my best friend Chuck and his little sister Sarah were over. Chuck was stuck watching his sister that afternoon and she was being a brat. Sarah had a big crush on me and was doing everything to get my attention. Gwen thought it was cute, but me and Chuck thought it was annoying  That’s when everything started to feel really weird and like things were moving in slow motion and then that’s when things got weird. All of sudden, Chuck started freaking out and just run out the front door and Sarah asked to use the nearest telephone like some sort of business man. I looked over at Gwen to see her feeling herself up and then she saw me and said Look, I have boobs!!! That was two weeks ago. Chuck shifted with an 8 year old boy and Gwen shifted half way around the world with a 16 year old Japanese girl. But my major problem is Sarah as Gwen and her walking around in clothes way too tight, too small, or nothing at all. Fuck, she’s sucking a candy cane. I can only hold on for so long before I give her something else to suck.

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