The great shift sent me from my quiet home in Michigan to a teenage maternity camp in California.

The first time that I realized that something was different was when I looked down to see 2 engorged breasts and a large extended pregnant belly. I looked around to see pregnant teenagers examining their bodies just as I was. Every single person in camp was affected by the Great shift. Since it was a maternity camp for teenagers at any stage of pregnancy, the shift ended up triggering 5 early labors and countless cases of braxton hix contractions. I was one of the few that did not have either. The government insisted that we stay at the camp, in order for the staff, who had also shifted into pregnant teens, other staff members, and random people, to teach us about pregnancy.

1 week after the Great shift, a counselor took this picture of Me on the left, and my friends, Carl now Carol in the middle, and Zack now Zoe on the right.

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