Becoming Aunie (Part 2)


“Aunie!! Look here!! Ahhh yes! These shots  will make men DROOL for you!! Aunie, you are a Goddess!”

Typical Sentence for Aunie (26), who was Michael. 10 years after the Great Shift, Michael, now Aunie forever, finds a full time job as softcore porn model. She had grown stunning over the years. She had a measurement of 36-26-40. She didn grew taller but she had major changes on her face and hair. Her face is more sexy and Fierce but can be cute at the same time and her hair grow till her ass and turn more natural golden brown. Just as what Aunie hope how her body would blossomed. Aunie too had intense libido, she been using dildo to satisfy her libido but recently she is engaged with another rich pornstar who had 8 inch cock. Aunie was having a good life.

“Hey, are we done here? I want to call and meet my future husband.” said Aunie. “Aw thats not necessary, he is here.” said the photographer. “Babe here am i, Lets fuck in the car now.” said Aunie’s future husband. “Ahh lets go my pussy is begging to be penetrate!” said Aunie


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