Ms. Goody Two Shoes Part II


It had been a week since Lindsey had shifted into Karen and she was loving her new body. She masturbated everyday and loved Karen’s orgasms. They were SOOOO much better than hers. Lindsey thought maybe it was because Karen never got laid when she was in this body. She to focused on school, then having fun. That gave Lindsey an idea. She decided to call Jack, Karen’s best friend, who remained unshifted, and see if he wanted to come over. Jack was Karen’s best friend but he also had a major crush on her since as long as he could remember. He got to Karen’s as fast as he could. When he opened the door, he got stiff as a board and as hard as a rock. Sitting there on the bar was Lindsey in Karen’s body. Naked. Waiting for Jack.

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