Becoming Aunie (Part 1)


“Look at all these people online enjoying themselves! Look at this dude, he got the body of a pornstar! Look at my Wife! Fuck she got into an swimming athlete! Fuck me!” said Aunie (16) looking at her phone or Michael (45) before the Great Shift.

Before Great Shift, Michael is a high school teacher teaching Science. He was teaching the Aunie who happens to be the most popular girl in the school or even the district. She is rich and had a body of a goddess. Her face was pretty, Her hair was long, her tits are big but the main attention was her ass which was huge. Although the setback was her attitude and her bimboness but thats what making men crazy over her! Including her science teacher, Mr michael.

During the great shift, Aunie was hanging out by herself waiting for her milk tea and Mr michael was on his way home. When they got swapped, Mr michael was shocked to be holding a girly phone and in school uniform. He was panicked and check who was he in. He was quite relief he was in Aunie and immediately head to school as public announcement was made. When he got there, he was suprised when his former body or Aunie who was in it, Died in an accident due to crashing into a chasm. Michael had no choice, but to relive his life as a hot teenager girl named Aunie. His wife divorced him and now he lives with Aunie’s parents at their home.

Aunie receives a notification. It was her parents asking her what time will she be back. Aunie said she might be little late as she saw a hunk ordering milk tea and might consider flirting with him or even might drag him to the toilet for a quickie. “Well, I might love my new life as you after all, Aunie. Let’s hope your body gets better as you get older!”



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