Wow Nineteen again, and still a slight dork.


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It was three am when the event hit. I was being a dork painting some Pathfinder/DnD miniatures. Then everything went black.

When I awoke I found myself in a different room, and everything a bit foggy. As I looked around I saw a pair of glasses laying on the nightstand next to the bed I was on. Upon putting the glasses on I saw the dragon clock reading eight am. Five hours have passed, and I am in a new room, needing glasses…. and as I felt a slight tickle and a small pressure upon my chest, I realized that I am a female.

First thing is first, as I feel an urge to go to the bathroom. Thankfully there was a bathroom off of her room. After taking care of business, I look in the full body mirror, seeing that I am a petite female with blonde hair, and blue eyes. She was cute and if I was my younger male male self I would be slightly attracted to her, with the biggest turn off being the blonde hair.

After leaving the bathroom I look around her room to find some kind of identification. I find her Harley Quinn purse with her Harley Quinn wallet. Upon opening the wallet I learned that the body I am in belonged to a Bethanee Marria Smith.

I sit back down on the bed. Thinking of what to do next. I should probably get dressed and look for a phone to make one of the two phone calls. The first call to my former self, and the second to the department of social services (DSS), to inform them that I was a  victim of the shift. And begin the process of getting her identity to become mine, with my degrees transfer over.

After finding her phone and thankfully being able to unlock it with my thumb, I called my old self, to no answer… not surprised as my old body could sleep until noon easily. Next was the call to DSS to which I informed them of the fact that I was a swap victim.

I get up from the bed and walked over to the dresser. Upon opening the top drawer I was shock to find that she had an anal fetish, with the number of anal plugs, small ones I think… but a lot. Next to the plugs where thongs, and g-strings. After grubbing a black,  partially see though thong and putting it on, I set back down upon the bed, realizing that this is going to be my life from here on out. There was no reversing the shift and once swap, one can not be swapped again. I am a young nineteen year old female, that was a bit kinky and still a dork. Round two on life was going to be good.

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