Big as Basketball


“Ahh I might be 15 year older now, but check out this woman’s body! Look at her tits and ass! I mean MY TITS AND ASS. Haha!”

During the great shift, Danial who is an asian teen (16) had no idea who or where will he be shifting but he know he will be shifting. When he open his eyes, he was in a body of a thick housewife. He was stunned by the size of her tits and ass which was as big as Basketball. He looked for her identity and found out she her named was Qarina (31) who married to Rick (32) a upcoming millionaire. Immediately, Danial was happy and excited. He decide to play with his new assets immediately.


“Ahh I can’t wait for my husband to come back home and start banging me! I mean it’s fun playing by myself but i want more!” said danial who is now Qarina officially.

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