Is it time already? – Cap contest


“Ok Roger, don’t get distracted by what’s happening right now. Just focus on your head, just focus on your thoughts. Is it time?
You were expelled from school for bullying that nerd. The principal offered you to do that 3 hours recourse exam to be admitted again, but you didn’t have the knowledge, you still accepted.  
You asked your sister to help you, she was a genius, you told her about that strange medallion you found on internet, she agreed without complaining, that was strange, but you didn’t care. Maybe it was time to stop.
Both of you touched the medallion, got unconscious and woke up again. She was now you and you were her
She told you that she would find an appropriate way to charge you and then went to school to take your exam.
You stayed at home. Only for curiosity you saw your new self in a mirror,  was your sister always that hot? You started undressing your new body to see it better, and for some reason started touching it, it was time to stop, but it felt so good.
Something unexpected happened, you didn’t know that your sister was dating the nerd you bullied. 
He opened the door of your house and saw you naked, without saying a word he started kissing you. Again, it was time to stop, but you were enjoying the situation.
Both of you went to your sister’s bed, he started touching just as you were doing it before, but it felt better, a lot better. It was definitely time to stop, to say the truth, but ohhh God, you just couldn’t.
When you went back to your mind, you saw that he was already inside you, and it felt like heaven, like ohhhh my NO MAN, LISTEN TO ME, LISTEN YOUR CONSCIENCE.
– Hey, ehm Dylan. There’s something you should….mmhm
– Shhhhh, don’t worry. Just relax and enjoy the moment with me. I know both of us are having a great time, aren’t we, ROGER?

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