Several Weeks Prior (SWA Prologue)


Throughout the day building up to the Great Shift, I tried to do everything I possibly could in my old body in case I was soon shifted out of it. I made sure to eat all my favorite foods, hang out with my friends while we were all still guys, and then jack off in the case that I became a girl which I secretly was hoping for. I had never really told anyone this, but I had always felt as if I was meant to be born a girl. Sure I was attracted to females like all my friends, but I never truly felt as if I belonged in my own skin; so once I heard about the chance to possibly get shifted into the sex of my dreams, I was ecstatic. In the middle of cumming, the shift occurred.  I was thrusted out of my body and into a new one. I felt immense pleasure wash over me as I felt my new fingers inside me. My dream had finally happened, I had become a women and a well endowed one at that. I continued to play with myself to get better acquainted with my new body. It never occurred to me that I should probably look in a mirror, but I was to distracted by the waves of orgasms that I was experiencing. After finally stopping myself after a few hours, I went to go grab something to eat. For some reason, my surroundings all seemed quite familiar. As I walked around the house, I saw pictures of my own family. I vomited in my mouth thinking of the possibility that I had become my mother or my elder sister. I rushed to the bathroom to see my sister’s reflection staring at me. I stumble backwards out of panic and fell. I new that my new life as a women and my sister would be off to an interesting start and journey.


  1. So I thought I should introduce the protagonist of Several Weeks After’s friend who he messaged at the end of the first cap and is waiting for at the end of the second prior to his official introduction to our protagonist. I actually felt good about this cap unlike the last one and hope you enjoyed. I also forgot to do my traditional sign off, so it is down here in the comments this time.

    Ms. Smiles

  2. This was my favorite out of the series so far, love that his first experience in his sister’s body was one of pleasure 😉

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