1. Possible sequel idea:
    Not long after hopping off his friends dick, James felt a little queasy to which he said “I don’t feel too good.”
    Alan watched as his sister’s body half deflated and opened at the back. Clumsily and sleepily, James face and body stumbled out of his sisters skin, and the female form sealed itself up again. James stumbled back onto the bed bewildered, and Jasmine appeared to be sleeping on the ground, though she was still breathing heavily in her post coital bliss.
    “Hey man,” Alan says to James in a hushed voice “I guess cum didn’t make it permanent after all. Let’s get out of here before Jasmine wakes up.”
    James gave Alan a look of disgust “You two are such pigs,” before getting up and grabbing the gun, spinning it around to point it at Alan.
    “Woah, what’s your problem, you enjoyed yourself and you aren’t stuck in Jasmine, what’s the problem dude?”
    James scoffed angrily “What’s the problem? First you shoot me, then my brother puts me on like a cheap suit, and then you guys fuck? Not only that, but since you came inside what was my pussy, now I remember every second of being controlled and I’m stuck I got ejected with my brother’s body while he’s stuck in my gorgeous feminine body!”
    Alan was at a loss for words, this visage of his best friend was actually Jasmine? And the sleeping satisfied slut on the ground was his best friend James?
    “Look Jasmime, I’m really sorry. We both are. James didn’t want this, and I couldn’t control myself but to come inside your… his… pussy.”
    Jasmin glared through Alan still, using James’ large muscular physique to intimidating effect.
    “Well it doesn’t matter what you both wanted, because I didn’t want this and I’m stuck this way anyway.”
    For emphasis Jasmine shot the sleeping girl with the costume gun a number of times, and she didn’t deflate, in fact she moaned a little, drawing a sound of disgust from the real Jasmine. Jasmine then tried shooting her new male form as well, to little effect other than a slight pinch in the skin.
    “See? We’re stuck like this and it’s your fault, so I’m going to punish you suitably.”
    “Jasmine wait!” Alan begged before the costume gun rang out once more, this time silencing Alan and deflating him.
    The new James sauntered over to the deflated man and grinned mischeviously.
    “If this little asshole thinks he can just live his lofe after this he’ll get what’s coming to him. I wonder though? Should I put his mom in his body and trap him as her? Or should I find a lowlife stripper or hooker that needs a break? So many choices.”
    James slung the skin over one shoulder and left, his own former body still snoring and leaking cum on the floor from her tight tight pussy.

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