Mike was riding a train with his friends when he got a call from his sister Kaitlyn in tears. She had recently been talking to someone Mike had introduced her to, and apparently he’d ended things abrubtly with no explaination.

“This is all your fault Mike!” audible sniffles let Mike know she was turning from sad to angry.

“Kaitlyn I had no idea he’d be so cruel, I’m sorr…”

“I don’t care if you’re sorry! This is your fault!” She snapped

Mike lowered his voice to a whisper, he didn’t want the girls he was out with to hear him say “Well, why don’t you use a spell to get back at him, you are a witch.”

“A spell’s not a bad idea actually Mike! But first I need to stop being so emotional, so you’re going to handle my hormones for the next few days while I think up something for you’re stupid little friend.” With that the phone call ended, and Mike received a text from his sister.

*No one will notice but you, and you’ll be too ditsy to care, have fun SIS*

Mike’s heart sunk as he realised his sister was going to punish him, he brought a manicured hand up to his blonde curls as his head felt light, as if he’d stood up to fast. Still seated, she took a sip off her drink, a canned vodka cran, and then she let out a giggle looking over at her friends on her girls night out.

“Hey Mikayla, what was the call all about.”

Another giggle escaped Mikayla’s glossy lips.

“Nothing, my brother was just mad about something. He can’t ruin ladies night though!”

All the girls let out a whoop of agreement, and the conductor came on the speaker to anounce their stop, the clubbing district.

Mikayla knew in the back of her mind, as she giggled along with her friends, that she was really Mike, but being a girl felt so good. She checked out her hot little outfit, a lacy red top, tight latex leggings, fluffy black heels and a fluffy black jacket for the chilly night air. She loved how she looked, and she knew that all the guys that saw her tonight would too.

Mikayla licked her lips as she hopped off the train surrounded by her gal pals, her eyes drawn to the groins of any good looking man. She was going to have a great night.


  1. I know it isn’t a great shift caption, but you did sy the manner of swap was up to us 😉 hope you like this hot little number, I’ve always wanted to go on a girls night out

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