Caption contest #2

Hi all, I am hosting another caption contest where the winner of the best caption gets a free month for their premium account. Have a go and read the rules below.

  1. Using the great shift page, create a post with one of the images below in accordance to the caption theme I have set.
  2. The theme is sister swap. You or the protagonist of your story swaps with their sister in a way of your choosing. It can be an innocent swap or a bit more mischievous, it’s all up to you 😉
  3. You can submit as many captions as you want but you can only submit one caption per image.
  4. Sign off the bottom of your caption with your name so I know who has won.
  5. The final submission date for this contest is 21st July 11:59pm (UK time)

That’s all for the rules, so pick one of the images below and get creative. But most importantly, have fun in your new body 😉

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