A Win-Win Part 2


A week ago I was the most popular girl in school. The head cheerleader who got anything she wanted and anyone she wanted. But when the Great Shift happened, I found myself in the body of Candice Poole, one of our English teachers. In the panic, everyone went home and tried to figure out what happened. At first, I hated being in Ms. Poole’s body. But I’ve come around to it. She’s got big, nice tits. I had big tits too, but her’s are so firm and she has these awesome nipple piercings. SO KINKY. All and all, Ms. Poole has a tight bod, or should I say I have a tight bod. Her orgasms are amazing! Alot better than mine ever were. I can’t wait to go out to the club and pick up some hot dude in this bod.


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