Several Weeks After


The day of the Great Shift had started off like any other day with the exception of the impending shift of body throughout the world. I was just dicking around with my friends when the Shift occurred. One minute, I was playing games and making fun of my friends; and the next, I was thrusted into some random girl my age’s body. Luckily, she had gotten shifted into her friend who happened to be over at the time and was there to help me, but she wouldn’t leave me alone. She just assumed that I would do perverted things to her body, which at that point I hadn’t even gotten to see in a mirror or anything yet. That brings us to today several weeks after the Great Shift. My entire family had arrived to pick me up, and I was glad. She would not leave me alone even when showering and insisted that I wore a blind fold while she washed me. The only perk was she did teach me about my body and gave me some tips about it for when I was one my own. After getting home I did the first thing I had been waiting to do for weeks and decided to get a better look at my body. I rushed to my bathroom and a locked the door after telling my family that I was going to “take a shower.” After stripping I finally got a good look at myself and saw the beauty I had become. I had nice big tits with puffies and a nice ass. I rushed into the shower and started exploring my new body. After the shower, I got my phone and sent a picture of myself to my best friend. I wasn’t going to be the only one to enjoy this new body.

Ms. Smiles

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