Should Thank You


”Ah, ah, ah. I don’t think you want to try that missy.” David smirked while taking another selfie.

Melissa couldn’t believe what was happening. As her body moved on it’s own and taunted her while it took photos; she felt nothing but contempt. Her therapist had promised to help her with some unwanted imagery that kept popping up out of nowhere and by using ‘meditation’ he somewhat achieved that. Of course, other things seemed to be happening as well. She did things randomly and said things that weren’t at all what she intended. Her attitude became more assertive and she even scared away her boyfriend after he tried grabbing her ass.

Things went from bad to worse though as she started waking up next to her female friends, reeking of booze with absolutely no recollection of how she ended up naked in their bedrooms. She would get angry when guys hit on her, and she would forget details about her own life suddenly. Everything went to a full stop when her body began moving on its own. Whatever was going on was way worse than unwanted thoughts or flashing mental images. “I really should thank you. Being trapped in your subconscious was quite boring.” David said while admiring his body.

The guy who took over Melissa’s body was apparently her inner male. A shadow version of herself that wanted to fully take over. And while she had no desire to be male, that didn’t matter to David. Her therapy sessions unleashed him from his prison and he was waiting to put a lid on her control over this body permanently.

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