Caption Contest – Past doesn’t matter anymore


-Thanks for helping me test my new device, dad.
– There is nothing to be thankful for, son. You never talked with me since I…well…stole all your inventions. I realized that it was the worst mistake of my life, and thought you would never forgive me, so when I received your call looking for help, I didn’t think it twice.
– Past doesn’t matter anymore, dad. What matters now is that you made an excellent shot and obtained that body.
– But this isn’t new. This is the possession gun that you build when you were a child. You just have to choose your target, shoot and you have its body. Anyway, who is this girl I am now?
– She was my girlfriend Sarah, we broke up last week because she cheated on me, but as I said, past doesn’t matter, so I thought she would be a good practice subject. By the way, the gun isn’t the invention. Let me show you what I did… “Sarah, show me your lingerie”
– What’s happening son, why can’t I control my…
-“Sarah, stop talking”. I added a mind controller to the gun. So anyone who use it will obey me if I start a sentence with the victim’s name. Do you like it?
– …
– Oh, of course “Sarah, you can speak again”
– “Sarah, shut up again and take off the rest of your clothes, let me see your tits, and don’t look at me like that”
Ok dad, you will continue fighting if we keep it this way, so let’s try something different.
Sarah, forget all about being my father and just act nice and horny. Become the perfect loyal girlfriend, because from now on thats exactly who you are. After all, past doesn’t matter anymore”
– TG Ghost (I don’t have an account yet)

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