Body Theft Caption Contest:

Bethany and Suzy were two of the hottest and most popular girls in our high school. Me and my friend Craig were two of the of lamest. We definitely ran in different circles. They would be at parties getting drunk, we would be a home playing Dungeons and Dragons. Craig came up to me one day and said he had a way for us to be able to get with Bethany and Suzy. I thought he was crazy. Then he pulled out a old book. He said it was a spellbook and their was a spell in their for instant love. I thought why not, it couldn’t hurt. He started reading it, to the best of his ability. Nothing. Bethany and Suzy were stilling talking to their friends and we were still here looking at the book. Then all of a sudden. BANG! All of a sudden we were snuck into their bodies. I don’t think this was right. That was a year ago. In that years time, we have gotten use to our new bodies, sensations and have made a few changes to their appearances. With me in Bethany (left) and Craig in Suzy, everyday we get to play with these wonderful bodies and enjoy Bethany and Suzy together.


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