Never Gets Old


You see, I’m actually pretty used to this. The tightness, the tabooness, it’s all so wonderfully addicting. I could never get enough of being on the receiving side of anal. I just loved it! For years, I was gay and would pick up men from gay bars and try and convince them to let me be on the bottom. The problem was, I was a pretty big guy. Technically, I guess I was a bear, but I preferred a teddy. But I would pick up guy after guy after guy, and they all just would want me to plow them. I mean, sure it was fun. But there is nothing like being filled by a big cock. I needed a solution.

I tried everything. Every weight-loss program, every trainer, every workout. I tried everything to try and make myself smaller, more feminine, so that guys would want to plow ME! But nothing worked; every time, I just got bigger and stronger. Soon, I couldn’t convince anyone to fill me like I needed to be. So I turned to the mystical. I scoured the globe for everything, and tried almost everything, with none of it working. The last thing I tried was in Paris. They told of a persons bones in the catacombs that would grant you one wish. I searched for years, till, finally, I found them!! The bones emitted a faint, purple glow, almost impossible to see in the dark. I placed my hand on the skull, and I felt the power coursing through me. I closed my eyes, and wished to be more feminine. Next thing I knew, I was seeing daylight and experiencing and earthquake.

            The bones had swapped my body with a young French woman’s. She so small and petite, but so perfectly endowed that I could get any man I wanted! But it came at a price; the woman swapped in my body, and the cave I was in collapsed on top of her. Her and my body were dead. It’s sad, and sometimes I feel guilty, but then I remember that I have finally gotten what I’ve always wanted! And endless supply of cock! A big, 6’7” man asking to be fucked in the ass? No way. A small, beautiful 5’2” woman? Men can’t say yes fast enough! Sure I could use my vagina, but I’m still too addicted to cock in my sweet ass!


I don’t have an account🤷‍♂️ But if I win, I’ll make one to claim my month! Just post it on the free😁

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