Caption contest

Hi all, I am hosting a caption contest where the winner of the best caption gets a free month for their premium account. Have a go and read the rules below.

  1. Using the great shift page, create a post with one of the images below in accordance to the caption theme I have set.
  2. The theme is body theft! Where you or the person in your story steals someone’s body. I want you to get really creative.
  3. You can submit as many captions as you want but you can only submit one caption per image.
  4. Sign off the bottom of your caption with your name so I know who has won.
  5. The final submission date for this contest is 7th July 11:59pm (UK time)

That’s all for the rules, so pick one of the images below and get creative. But most importantly, have fun in your new body 😉

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