Surprise change


It happened all over the world, people randomly swapping genders from the effects of the great shift and I happened to be one of them. I woke up one morning and felt strange, it wasn’t till I looked in the mirror till I saw what was wrong I was a girl! It wasn’t even the fact that I was a girl that shocked me the most but the fact that I was fucking hot. I had tits, a beautiful face and a nice pert ass. I remember thinking if I was still a guy I’d fuck me.

It was strange at first but all my friends and family accept me and let me tell you none of the boys I’ve met since mind. Especially if I’m showing off and who wouldn’t with a body like this, Oh and the sex! It’s mindblowing. I’ve never felt anything like it as a guy, it’s as if every setting is dialled up to 11, and I should know I’ve tested my new body out PLENTY of times.

In fact there’s a guy watching me suck on this lollipop right now I wonder if he’s got something bigger and harder for me to suck on.

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