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In my town, everybody has a local favorite TV news station. They always say they watch this one or that one. Its because there coverage is better or they have a good news team. The only reason I watch the local news is for Kate Clarkson, one of the anchors on Channel 19. I was in the middle of catching up on some reading for one of my college classes, when the words on the page started to look fuzzy. I thought I had been reading to long. As, I got up to take a break for a second, I immediately fell back on the couch, blacking out. When I came to, I was in a completely different room. In like a dressing room? How did I get here? As I stood up, I saw her reflection, Kate Clarkson, in the mirror across the way. You’re kidding me. I’m Kate Clarkson. THIS IS AWESOME!!! I started to shed her clothes, like they were on fire, and got to see her body in all its glory. Her great tits and a big round ass. As I was sliding off her panties, to see more and cool the burning coming from her pussy, I was interrupted. “Ms. Clarkson, we need you on set. We have some breaking news. About something called the Great Shift.”

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