The New Neighbor


Recently, next door we got some new neighbors. And man! Is their daughter, Sophie hot!!! The only problem is I get nervous around girls and so I don’t know how to approach her, even to be like friends. I’m sort of a loser and a geek. They have a pool in their backyard and the other day she was sunbathing, and I caught a glimpse. It made my head spin. Today, our parents went out to get dinner together to get better acquainted. Which meant, I’m stuck at home doing nothing. Like always. As I got up to make dinner, I started to feel dizzy and faint. I made my way back into the living room, before passing out on the couch. I woke up and I was in a bedroom, and not mine either. Where am I? I started to get up and felt a heavy weight on my chest. And red hair came across my eyes. What? I looked down and saw two giant boobs on my chest. It can’t be. I made my way over to the mirror. No way. I’m Sophie. She was wearing this low cut shirt that gave a wonderful shot of her tits. I was starting to feel very turned on and horny. I texted my best friend Mike, and told him what happened. He said it was because of a thing called the Great Shift. But I didn’t really care. I sent him a pic and asked if he wanted to come over. I really needed a proper wel-cum-ing to the neighborhood.

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