New accent


I woke up to the feeling of hands on my chest and water dripping down my legs, except my chest felt off and I felt horny. As my eyes began to open I realized why. “Are you okay babe?” The man grasping the large orbs on my chest said. “Where am I and who are you?” I replied. My voice came out with an oriental accent of a girl. “So that’s what we’re doing tonight” he replied with an accent I could barely understand. Before I could react I felt something poke my back. “I’m not who you think I am, I’m a guy in here!” This only made my grin and get on me. I felt his dick slip inside what I thought was my vagina. My body started to yelp and almost instinctually I began to move my hips. I felt lust and heat take over my small body. Looking into the mirror I could see myself a petite cute Asian girl with dark hair being mounted. Her massive breasts going back and forth, her pleasured face, and then sensations moving through me was enough to make me cum. Once I found out something called the great shift caused this I realized I wasn’t even in America anymore, I was in Japan hence my voice. I’d get to have a life time of this wether I wanted it or not.

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