The Stepmother


My Dad married Tori when I was 12. Even then I could see all she wanted was my Dad’s money. He would buy her expensive things and take her on nice vacations, all while she stayed at home and did nothing. I’m 17 now and things and Tori and I can’t stand each other. Yesterday, Dad had to leave to go on a business trip, so it was just me and Tori at the house. I decided I needed to catch up on some school work and Tori was in the living room, binge watching her reality shows like always. I shut my door and turned on my music and got to work, when I started to fill dizzy and the room started to spin. Then black. I woke up to see the TV on static. Wait TV!? I wasn’t watching TV. I turned off the television and saw my reflection. I was Tori! How could this happen? And out of all the people, Tori?! As I sat there trying to figure out what happened, I try readjusting her dress, hoping to be more comfortable, and accidentally rubbed her vagina. This sent pleasure through my whole body, something that I have never felt like before in mine. I decided why not take the dress off and take a look at what she’s working with. After I did, I started to feel so aroused. Tori’s body was turning me on? Her big full tits were sitting on my chest and then I spread her legs and moved my hands across my thigh and towards her pussy. I wanted to know how she felt when she orgasm. I was to busy to notice the alert on her phone talking about the Great Shift and how I would be able to feel her cum again and again forever, considering I was now Tori.

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