I don’t need a babysitter.


I just turned 16 and my parents still think I need a babysitter. I don’t. Like I said I’m 16. Most nights when my parents go out, I just stay home, watch TV and play video games. Its embarrassing to have to still have a sitter, especially one as hot as Samantha. She goes to the local college and she is just drop dead gorgeous. So after my parents left on their date night and Samantha got there, I was chilling in my room, watching reruns of The Office, I started to feel lightheaded and dizzy. I got up and headed for my bathroom to get some medicine, but then everything went black. I woke up and realized I was in the living room. How did I get here? I stood up and something felt off. I made my way to the master bathroom and saw Samantha’s reflection staring back at me. This can’t be happening. I’m Samantha! I immediately started to fill turned on. I made my way into my parents bedroom and the full length mirror and stripped Samantha down to nothing. Her tits are amazing and her pussy. Dude! I had to get a picture of this for myself later. A couple orgasms later, I made my way back into the living with the TV still on, and breaking news talking about something called the Great Shift.

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