“Do you think you could send me a nude?” My friend Dave texted me after he found out that I shifted into my stepsister Chloe. He had a major crush on her, and this was his opportunity to see the goods. I was in my room playing video games when all of sudden the screen started to look fuzzy and the room started to get darker and darker until I woke up and realized I was in Chloe’s room. Boxes and bags were still littered everywhere as she was still trying to get her stuff moved into my Dad’s house. But how did I get here? Then I saw my reflection and I WAS CHLOE!!! I won’t lie if I didn’t say that Chloe was hot, even sexy. However this happened, I wasn’t going to let it go to waste. I stripped off her shirt and bra to see a great pair of firm tits and then moved to my pants. I removed them and saw she was wearing a thong. I texted my buddy Dave to tell him what happened and he asked me for a pic. But I think he would rather see me in person and do more then look.

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