Weird Day 3


It didn’t take way too long to try sex. The urges became stronger and the vibrator wasn’t enough anymore. I finally gave up and called an unshifted friend and that was history. While I still turned myself on my tastes had changed to match the body and thus here I was. He grabbed my by my feet and spread me out, I felt his tongue slide inside me. My mind went blank as I started to moan and smile when it hit my spot. I buried his face between my long sexy legs and orgasmed. As I lay there with my legs up panting he suddenly turned me around and at this moment I knew what came next. I wanted to stop but my body wouldn’t let me. I was truly trapped as my body went into autopilot. He grabbed my waist and my pussy lips spread as I felt him enter. I let out a loud feminine moan as he moved back and forth. My soft breasts jiggled, long hair shook, and my toes curled. I felt a wave of pleasure move through my body, my spine tingled as it happened. I’d never had sex as a guy but I couldn’t imagine my first time would ever be like this. After we finished and left I layed on back in the after glow of the many orgasms I’d felt. Maybe the great shift wasn’t that bad.

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