The Teach


When the Great Shift happened, I was sitting at home doing algebra homework and thinking about my hot MILF of a teacher Ms. Jones. I hated algebra, but loved being in the presence of Ms. Jones, she made it all worth while. All of a sudden, I started to feel dizzy and my world went black. Next thing, I knew I woke up in an unfamiliar bedroom on the floor. I felt a breeze on me, as if as was naked, and when I looked down, saw blonde hair come across my eyes. I pushed it out of the way and saw a pair of nice firm perky tits and looked even further down and noticed a shaved pussy. I looked across the room and into a mirror. I was in Ms. Jones’ body! I don’t know how this happened (I would find that out later) but I know that I’m going to have lots of fun learning all I can about my teacher.


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