Weird Day


Only moments after getting home from class I felt dizzy and felt my vision slipping away. Suddenly I was no longer in my dorm but instead I was in a nice house. Something didn’t feel right. I took a step and almost tripped if I hadn’t leaned on the piano next to me. I could feel my chest jiggle. Wait! I looked down and noticed I was in a dress and heels. This wasn’t my body, I was in a women’s. I reached between my smooth legs and felt a pussy. I felt aroused and laughed to myself. This had to be a dream, this wasn’t real. I pulled up and  rubbed my legs. It felt real, I looked in the mirror and saw an older but attractive lady in purple dress and heels starring back. This dream was probably the closest I was going to get to being with a chick so I started shedding off her clothes and exploring. Unfortunately I laterlate the news and realized I might have lost 20 years and was trapped in a milfs body due to something called the great shift.


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