When the Great Shift happened I was lying in my bed just going through my phone, and attempting to fall asleep. As I started to drift off and close my eyes, I suddenly blacked out into my pillow. Coming to the sensations of a new body overwhelmed me. I could hear voices leering at me and I was on the ground below them. I was naked as I could feel cool air all across my sensitive body. The smell of something salty began to creep into my nose and I could feel a sticky substance on my face. Finally I could taste something in my mouth. I close my new fuller lips and feel the cum in my mouth. For some reason I wasn’t grossed out but also enjoying the taste.

At that moment I felt my new pussy getting wet as my arousal increased and my new nipples became hard. I knew what was going on, I was aroused by the cum and the man in front of me. I began to open my eyes and smiled my new makeup, cum covered face at the man. This caused the mans penis to rise to attention and I couldn’t help but to lick my lips and crawl over, because I wasn’t tired anymore.

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