Birthday Surprise


George aged 14 was lying in bed playing Xbox with his friends when he started to feel dizzy and blacked out and when he came too he was lying on the floor of a shower with water splashing over his body. “What the Fuck where am i” George said to himself whilst looking around “Holy shit this isn’t my body or my voice, what the hell is going on”.

Looking in the mirror George could see he was in a older mans body in his 30 years “This is weird i need to find out whats happening” but before George could do anything the bathroom door open and in walked his English teacher Mrs White completely naked. “ready for you’re birthday surprise hubby” she said as she got into the shower with me and keeled down in front of my already erect dick and before i could say anything she started sucking on it like a Popsicle and it was the best thing i had ever felt.

I couldn’t believe it only minutes ago i was at home playing Xbox and now i was inside my English teachers husbands body whilst she gave me a blowjob, I no longer cared how this happened or the lost years i just wanted this to never end.



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