Great Shift Roulette #4

Welcome to my great shift roulette #4. Go ahead and get stuck in below, use (1-50) to find out which body you swap into!

The great shift has swept the world. It is known as a phenomenon that has a random chance to swap people’s bodies around and unfortunately you were one of the many people affected. As you were getting ready for bed, your eyes became heavy as you lost balance and fell hitting your head on the sink. When you woke up, you went to rub the bruise on your scalp until when you felt a long hair in the palm of your hand. Who did you swap into and what do you do first?

Body 1          Body 11          Body 21          Body 31          Body 41
Body 2          Body 12          Body 22          Body 32          Body 42
Body 3          Body 13          Body 23          Body 33          Body 43
Body 4          Body 14          Body 24          Body 34          Body 44
Body 5          Body 15          Body 25          Body 35          Body 45
Body 6          Body 16          Body 26          Body 36          Body 46
Body 7          Body 17          Body 27          Body 37          Body 47
Body 8          Body 18          Body 28          Body 38          Body 48
Body 9          Body 19          Body 29          Body 39          Body 49
Body 10        Body 20          Body 30          Body 40          Body 50


  1. I got #37

    Wow what a weird dream. I must be really concussed. Long dark hair, caremel skin…. Breasts. I think I’m a f@#&ing Amazon. Wait, breasts… Long hair… No bruise. I take a step out of the bathroom towards a bedroom. Then I feel nothing… There is nothing between my legs. My Penis is missing. It was about then that it clicked I’m not in my body. I begin to run towards a bedroom hoping for a full body mirror. That run was awkward as my new hips are quite wide and my figure rather shapely.

    After getting over the shock and hearing a broadcasting about the switch I calmed down. maybe this can be fixed… Maybe it can’t, I thought at the time so I should probably make the most of this experience.

    Hence the picture you guys can see. The more personal ones and the extremely personal experience I had I’ll keep private. Especially now that I know this is my new body for good.

  2. Well, I got #19.

    After I have a short blackout, I quickly realize that something is wrong. One moment I was studying for my finals in a dark dorm room, the next I’m on a sunny beach. Well, not exactly. I’m sitting on a surfboard that floating in the ocean. As I look around, I see chaos everywhere. People are screaming, running around and groping themselves all over the beach. And a few unlucky ones are even trying to not drown in the water. At first, I have no clue what is going around me. But then I look down, and I got the shock of my life. I’m not in my own body! I’m a chick!

    Every part of my new body feels off. Even the tongue in my mouth is annoyingly different. And I feel something metallic in there too. Maybe I have a tongue piercing now? Who knows? This whole situation is so messed up and sexy at the same time.

    As I slowly touch the strange new boobs on my chest, I realized I’m not hallucinating. Everything is real: the big pillowy butt, the thong that rides up between my ass cheeks, the soft full lips, the golden skin, the tiny waist, and the pussy between my legs. Oh, shit. I’m in big trouble.

    What should I do now? I don’t know. Maybe I should get out of the water. Yeah, that’s a good idea. There is only one problem. I don’t know how to navigate a surfboard. Maybe I should swim? No, I would probably sink with this bottom-heavy body in no time. Fine, then I will wait for help. I hope someone has a cure for this body-swapping thing. I don’t want to lose my life and my family even if I’m a hot chick now.

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