1. I got body No.5,
    A wriggled about in the tight skin coloured skirt, after seeing one look at my new body in the mirror I hurried to rip my clothes off and inspect every orifice. The original owner of this body clearly had composure and class judging by the way she dressed and the surroundings but my first time experiencing all of these new female sensations were going to be anything but classy.

  2. I got body No.7

    I wake up feeling strange after blacking out, I was no longer in my room doing homework infact I was back in Miss Whites class and even more concerning I was somehow in Miss Whites body. I have had a crush on Miss white like most the boys at my school since we first started here so I wasted no time in stripping my new body to it lingerie and marveling at my new bra clad tits and my new smooth crotch. Soon enough I was completely naked and masterbation furiously on my new desk not even noticing the janitor walking into my classroom.

    1. That’s pretty hot, but would you stay reserved like Miss White originally was and cover up or pounce on the janitor and his big cock?

      1. Hhhhmmm i think with my new bodies hormones id pounce on the janitor faster then anything you’ve seen

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