1. What did you guys get? I got body 36
    The instant feeling of the cold water on my smooth skin made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. A soft gasp passed through my plump lips when I ran my hands across my body. All of the sensations I was feeling were getting too much for me and i just had to relieve some of the pressure. I threw my damp top off and began to massage my petite perky tits, at the same time my already damp pussy began to become sticky moistening itself up for the imminent penetration of my fingers.

  2. i got body 1. as i wake up i find myself in my new body and instantly hit with a rush of lust my new body was horny and i see that i have a dildo in my hand and im in what looks like a sex shop. i go to the back of the store and into a changing room and strip naked and start playing with myself on of the un-shifted male employees hears my screams and thinks iv fallen over so come to see if im alright. to his surprise he finds me completely naked and raming the dildo into my new pussy. with the hormones taking over i grab him pull down his trousers and and start sucking his cock and soon enough he’s fucking my brains out.

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