Great Shift Roulette #3 (Redhead Edition)

You mocked your sister, laughing at her for her fiery ginger hair. “Haha, does the curtain match the drapes?”. She could only sit there, her glum face looking down at her shoes wishing you could get to see what it is like. Suddenly the Great Shift hit, it forced people to swap into random bodies. You opened your eyes after blacking out. The first thing you noticed was the long ginger hair the fell in front of your eyes. Which body did you end up in a what do you do first?

Body 1          Body 11          Body 21
Body 2          Body 12          Body 22
Body 3          Body 13          Body 23
Body 4          Body 14          Body 24
Body 5          Body 15          Body 25
Body 6          Body 16          Body 26
Body 7          Body 17          Body 27
Body 8          Body 18          Body 28
Body 9          Body 19          Body 29
Body 10        Body 20          Body 30


  1. I got body 20, I feel like I look like a Weasley who was put on the Hufflepuff swim team. First thing I do after getting over the shock is head back into the showers and unzip my suit a little more. I hope the shower aren't too chaotic.

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