Great Shift Roulette #2 (Facial Edition)

The great shift has swept the planet again, you were on a date enjoying a tasty meal. Unfortunately, you were a victim and you blacked out in front of your date. When you regained consciousness you saw a strange man looming over you as you were knelt down in front of him. A warm liquid covered your face when you realised you has swapped into the body of a woman giving her boyfriend a blowjob. Who did you swap into and what do you do next?
Body 1          Body 2
Body 3          Body 4
Body 5          Body 6
Body 7          Body 8
Body 9            Body 10
Body 11          Body 12
Body 13          Body 14
Body 15          Body 16
Body 17          Body 18
Body 19          Body 20
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  1. Don't worry, my plan is to do mega long ones for patrons but not very often. And short versions like this more often. I have you guys in mind no matter what 🙂 Any theme in particular you'd like to see? – love kat

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